Despite the Clubhouse being battered by 22+ knots, the AGM was held comfortably on Saturday 5 August with 13 members in attendance and apologies from three.    The new committee has some new faces and ‘experienced’ ones and for a full list of committee members, see below.

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Many, many thanks go to retiring Commodore Michael Clark who becomes the Immediate Past Commodore (IPC), and to Neil Ross who has been IPC since 2014 and was Commodore three years prior to that.  


Fees mostly remained the same although concession fees have gone to a proportion of the full fee which has meant a slight rise in some.

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From this year membership application will be online which will be live by the end of August with full payment due the end of September (or arrangements made with the Secretary).  For current members you will receive an email when it comes online.  For interested/new members, we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome aboard to another year of sailing!  

Jenny O’Neill

Commodore for the 

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