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MPONR 2017 Results Division C is provisional due to a lodged protest

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MPONR 2017

Race Feedback

On 15 March Col Svenson, John Barzycka and Jenny O’Neill were in the Avon Princess, one of many vessels supporting the 2017 Kayak-Challenge for its crossing from the Latrobe River across Lake Wellington to Seacombe.  Unfortunately the wind got up and the call made for the kayakers to turn back to Sale and continue their journey from Seacombe.  Not a bad day for a sandwich and chat on the water. The next Challenge is 2019.

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Thank you to all the Participants of the South East Regatta held at Lake Wellington Yacht Club 2017.

Regatta final results are here.

Resized photos for the web are here.

We are extremely lucky to have so many wonderful active committed people in our Club.  And the latest examples are:

Col and John S’s work on inserting the new Suite 209 windows. Thanks for Wellington Shire Council for the $2000 grant towards the windows. 

Roger and Col’s work on exiting the possum from the garage and closing its access point.

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 2015-16 Club Trophy Winners

Robyn Clark
John Shepard

 John Shepard --- KR Rainey Trophy      Robyn Clark --- Commodores Trophy